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It's time for a daring prison break rescue!

Take control of three low tier super villains who must unite to bust their buddy out of jail. The Stone Statue (with all the powers and abilities of a statue), Elastic Man (whose elasticity comes from a combination of grappling hooks and delusion) and Construction Destruction (a simple worker turned villain after having their Union dissolved) will have to make use of their limited powers to out wit and out maneuver the infinitely powerful HERO patrolling the prison yard . 

This game requires three Playstation 4 controllers and three players to play.

Made for the Chillenium 2019 Game Jam under the theme "All for one, One for all".

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and use "Unity 2019.exe".


Chillenium2019 - Tactical Ocelots.zip 36 MB

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