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REFRACTION is a game where the player shoots bullets of light that refract whenever they hit a wall, splitting into two bullets and bouncing in different directions. Things go from 0 to 100 fast and every battle becomes a puzzle as you try to figure out how to manage and utilize your refracting bullets. Clever thinking becomes just as important as quick reflexes in this unique Bullet Hell. 

Fight against a wide cast of characters across seven unique stages, using your refracting bullets and gaining HYPE to unleash powerful abilities to help you claim victory. 

Created by Brenton Lenzen, Justin Menard, and Victor Rocha-rojas for the Texas Aggie Game Developers' Fall 2019 game jam, with the theme "Chain Reaction."

This game supports both mouse & keyboard and PS4 controllers. 

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, unzip and run REFRACTION.exe



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